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Calcium Magnesium Zinc


Promotes Bone Health

Calcium and magnesium help maintain healthy bones while zinc is essential for cell division and growth.

  • Maintain Strong Bones
  • Regulates Heart Function
  • Regulate Sugar Levels
  • Promotes Metabolism
  • Heals Acne And Wounds

This Product is an excellent natural source of Calcium, which is one of the most important minerals for human growth. It is essential for numerous corporal functions such as heartbeat, muscular contraction, bone and teeth formation and blood coagulation. It participates as a regulator of the nervous system and metabolizes iron in the body.

Magnesium supplementation helps to reduce and dissolve calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Zinc is used for healthy immune system, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid function and for sense of taste and smell.

Benefits & Uses

  • Calcium supplementation is crucial during menopause to fight bone loss and the risk of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and muscular cramps; during pregnancy for the formation and development of the baby and mother’s health.
  • The possible healing effects are; supporting bones, critical in the adequate contraction of muscular and blood coagulation, important in the maintenance of heartbeat and nerve impulses transmission, could regulate cholesterol levels and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Research has shown that Magnesium may help prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Zinc may help macular degeneration, cataracts, male infertile associated with low hormone levels, hair loss impotence; prorate problems, dermatitis, canker sores, loss appetite, low immunity, genital herpes, HIV and inflammatory conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Vitamin D protects against muscle weakness and may regulate heartbeat. It is also important in the prevention of breast and colon cancer, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis & hypocalcaemia enhances immunity & is necessary for thyroid function and normal blood clotting.

Supplement Facts

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