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Active C – Calcium Vitamin D3


Supports Bone Health

Calcium, along with Vitamin D has benefits beyond bone health!

  • Muscle Function
  • Maintain Bone Strength
  • Strong Teeth
  • Control Blood Pressure

Calcium is vital for the formation of strong bones, teeth and for maintaining healthy gums. It regulates heartbeat and transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium lowers cholesterol levels and can prevent cardiovascular diseases. It supports muscular growth, contraction and prevents muscle cramps. Calcium provides energy and participates in the protein structuring of RNA and DNA. It activates several enzymes, including lipase, which breaks down fats for utilization by the body.

Vitamin D has properties of both a vitamin and hormone. It is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Our bodies make vitamin D on any sunny day. Ultraviolet rays from the sun convert one chemical compound in our skin to Vitamin D3. This in turn converts in the liver and kidneys, into active vitamin D.

Benefits & Uses

  • Calcium 600 may help in the osteoporosis, high blood pressure, insomnia, menstrual and muscle cramps, pregnancy-related high blood pressure and restless legs syndrome.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D can protect against muscle weakness and can regulate the heartbeat. It may aid in preventing breast and colon cancer, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and hypocalcaem.
  • Furthermore, Calcium and Vitamin D can enhance immunity and regulate thyroid function and normal blood clotting.

Supplement Facts

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